Company presentation

"SATIPLUGS FRANCE was founded in 1993

We design electric power cords: Information Technology, Office Automation, Household Appliances, Electric tools, T.V., Video...

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We are renowned through Europe for our know-how.
Our production addresses the demands of European Directives for low voltage applications.
In addition, our products also meet the quality standards of different countries: N.F., OVE, CEBEC, D, FI, VDE, N, KEMA, UL ...

We can help produce and develop your Electrical products,
Feel free to contact our sales department!

In 1997, SATIPLUGS FRANCE became part of the MTK Group (MTK AND DGK production Europe).

Our general public product range (Extenders, Reels, Plugs and Connectors, Electric Accessories) addresses the demands and developments of the market (Price and Quality).

" If you are a retailer, get in touch with us! "